Sunday, December 13, 2009

Walking Potion: ten parts sugar, ninety parts whiskey

Step 1: Intimidate munny doll. Make sure it knows who's boss.

Step 2-probably somewhere in the double digits: wash munny with soapy water, paint with watered-down acrylic, burn the hair off your arm with a hair dryer several times, fumble with sculpey clay before half-assing the hair, bake at 270 for 15 minutes, then take a sharpie to it

Finishing touches: paint hair, add accessories, and put blush on DEM CHEEKS. Package in a custom box and score brownie points.

Did this one last year, kinda partial to him despite the hack paint job.
My job asked me to paint some stuff on the walls, to decorate the classrooms and stuff. This one is Edgar Allen Poe, and it's in the English room. Meh.

Einstein. Science/math room.