Monday, November 22, 2010

A hideously deformed post of superhuman size and strength!

Step the first: Sculpey was used to give Toxie his lumpy visage. I actually baked it twice, because I went back and added small bumps. See how that one over his left eye kinda looks like a boob?

Step B: The initial paint job didn't come out well. The green was way too green. He ended up looking like The Hulk if he were in a grease fire. I still had a lot of work to do.

3rd step: I decided to toy with the idea of watering down a mix of brown, yellow, and white acrylic to coat Toxie's skin. This picture shows him after about two coats and some time under a hair dryer. Still a bit too green...

Step IV: After getting his skin to make the color of the water you find at the bottom of a trash can, I set about painting the details. Black lines were used to make the lumps "pop" a bit more. I also gave Toxie his trademark tutu and mop.

My buddy Renzo works for Troma films, and was nice enough to pass my munny onto Lloyd Kaufman. He even took a picture of him holding the little guy. Sadly, as I refuse to do anything with even a shred of expedience, I have lost that picture. I emailed it to myself from my phone MONTHS ago...and it was erased along with a clump of spam. FFFFFFF....