Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"The concept of absurdity is something I'm attracted to." - David Lynch

Here's a Trikky I did with sharpie. I actually did this to drum up interest among my students for a future art unit using Munny dolls. They dug the little guy.

Ballpoint pen. Done at work. Heard that phrase in a Love and Rockets comic, and it stuck.

Two of my Munny dolls in progress. At work. Honestly, this is why I hate being an instructional aide. They need to give me an actual class to run.

Here's my Bub after being sprayed with a coat of clear acrylic. Protip: out of newspapers? Use outdated resumes!

Finished product. I call him "Archibald P. Maulington". He's a well-to-do grizzly about town.

This is the ultra-rare "missing hat" variant. Worth way too much on the collector's market.

I recently bought a Marvel Legends figure of Man-Thing. I think posing him has become my new pass-time. Look! He's already made a friend.

"Jazz hands!" Oh, Man-Thing, you're the living end.

I take it back. Man-Thing's kind of a jerk.

"You see this guy? Freakin' love this guy."

I've wanted to mention my vinyl pieces for a while now. In an attempt to buy my affection, the girlfriend gifted unto me this beautiful piece of urban vinyl. Knucklebear's 18 inches tall, limited to under 500 copies, and came with a certificate of authenticity and a print. This thing is purty (like a girl).

D'aww. He takes after me.

Another vinyl piece. Not a HUGE fan of Qee stuff, but I'll be damned if Frank Kozik isn't the bee's knees. I got a good deal on him, but not good enough to admit it's price to my family and significant other.


Steph said...

1) Awesome to see your process for Munny making.

2) So how's the acrylic finish you used working out?

However, a part of me deep down is judging you for using comic sans.

Casey said...

The acrylic worked pretty well. Easy to put on, too. As for the comic sans...it's legible and helps me fill a page without resorting to larger fonts.