Friday, July 15, 2011

"I want to eat a swan. Is that wrong of me? I can't find anyone who'll sell me a swanburger." - Spider Jerusalem

I'd like to preface this with an apology for the low quality pictures of my drawings. My old scanner's been busted for months, and I had to resort to taking pictures with my digital camera. I've since obtained a new scanner, and will be using it for any new drawings I come up with.

I've recently come into possession of the first two volumes of Moore's run of Swamp-Thing. While I think Man-Thing has a more striking appearance (at least when handled by a competent artist), Swamp-Thing has some pretty great stories. Done at work with ballpoint pen on an index card.

Another ballpoint drawing done at the learning center. I've been trying to get back into playing Street Fighter 4 online, but can't seem to find anyone who uses a fighter that ISN'T Ryu or Akuma. The Akuma players seem to be more prevalent, not to mention cheap. After reading some of the messages that were typed out to me on PSN, I've come to the conclusion that these people are a genetic dead end. Please don't let them breed. Allow them to live freely in their basements, lording over fake fighting tournaments, and cupping their own buttocks to eke out some semblance of what a woman's breast feels like...oh yeah, I gave Akuma braces. Thought it'd be funny.

Ed! From Cowboy Bebop! I messed up her foot and the placement of the dog! Ballpoint pen, index card, and one of the few anime series that truly warrants viewing.

Everyone's favorite shambling mass of plant matter and empathy, Man-Thing. Tried to use my new prismacolors. Still trying to get my groove back with them.

The Goon. Please forgive the horribly misshapen lumps of flesh that I'm attempting to pass off as arms. Same goes for the gun. I can never seem to draw those.

A munny doll of my old boss. I made this as a retirement gift, and he seemed to dig it. Word to the wise, when spraying a sealant on a munny doll, go for the matte finish. The shine on this one was fierce.


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